We innovate, pilot and scale sustainable agribusiness models

Agreennovate Consultancy Ltd (ACL) was established in Uganda in 2014 to provide farm land management support services to land owners both in rural and urban areas across the African continent. We aim to scale our agribusiness innovations across the African continent with initial focus on the following countries: Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Ethiopia, DR Congo & South Sudan.

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What we do…


Making your idle land work for you & growing your community.

Growing together

Introducing our Inclusive Agribusiness Model

We have signed up forward contracts with major global produce buyers and now seek to link middle scale agripreneurs to this opportunity by providing farm land management support using a unique revenue share model.

Using a hub and spoke approach, we link small holder farmers to the nucleus farms that we manage on behalf of the middle scale agripreneurs. This lends an opportunity to small holder famers to benefit from our technical agribusiness expertise, our post-harvest handling techniques, our linkage to financial services providers and most importantly, our linkage to premium markets.

The key agriculture products in our portfolio include but are not limited to: horticulture crops, soya bean, sesame, sunflower, cow peas, green grams, beans, maize, sorghum and millet.