Urban Agriculture

We work with a host of interested parties to set up and manage low cost green houses that can fit within urban spaces.

Low cost green houses carry a number of benefits.

  • Reduced dependence on rainfed agriculture
  • Increased productivity
  • Ability to manage fertilizer application
  • Ability to manage water usage in comparison to open field agriculture
  • Ability to manage pests and diseases
With Uganda’s population growing at a fast rate, it is important to innovatively approach agriculture production to ensure that we produce enough food to match our growing population and to meet our food security needs. Part of the answer lies in putting idle urban spaces to profitable and intensive agriculture production using protected agriculture approaches.

At ACL, we are currently working in partnership with farmland owners that possess arable land in urban centres specifically in Bweyogerere, Muyenga and in Busega. We will work through these land owners to set up urban agriculture sites that can also be utilised as training grounds for other farmers interested in converting idle land into profitable agri-ventures within urban spaces.